A platform of professional services

The goal is to create and coordinate a platform for meeting of demand/supply of services with a high content of knowledge and technology. The services are provided from a network of professionals to help the small firm entrepreneurs.

 SOIP wants to develop a system of professional services for firms and people (for StartUp projects), creating and promoting opportunities for growth and innovation, improving the quality of daily life. We set ourselves as a reference point for the client for managing projects, acting as an organizer of servicies and activities, in order to ensure the achievement of agreed goals by controlling the level of quality and satisfaction with the results.

SOIP wants to collect the local need to have professionals directly available locally using the platform, without having to resort to big cities to get a professional service suited to complex and innovative projects.

SOIP Services

Business Support

Business Support for firms, public entities and persons, startup projects, temporary management, business consultancy, project management.

Romagna Corner Services

Territorial promotion projects

Promotion, planning and organization of activities and forms of communication about the objectives of enhancement and rediscovering the Romagna's territory.

Romagna Corner is a project born from the strong attachment to the Land of Romagna, from the desire to enhance the territory and give it-finally-the space it deserves. It advertises historical places and events of cultural interest - with the intent to (re) discover forgotten places or not valued of ancient and proud Land of Romagna. It wants to create a touristic circuit that involves transversely events, places, activities, pictures, businesses, people with particular identity. Romagna Corner promotes, develops, projects and organizes activities and forms of communication about the objectives of enhancement of Romagna. The objective is to promove the local tourism, telling and explaining our territory and history of our people.  


Heritage tours in Forli: then issuing we again beheld...the Romagna

The project aims to create a series of thematic photogalleries - arranged according to specific episodes - freely viewable on Youtube. It has the intent to discover details and places (sometimes forgotten) of historical and cultural interest in Romagna, starting from the heart of the city of Forli (ITALY).
Subtitled in English, thinking about an international tourism niche, the project suggests itineraries (by walk or by cycling) to observe the territory, in these places full of history and culture. 

ForliCiak Laboratory: an innovative and esperimental project

ForliCiak Laboratory is born from an idea of Romagna Corner. ForliCiak is an innovative experimental project for Secondary School Students. The project aims to promote the Romagna territory through short videos entirely born from the creativity of young people. 
The laboratory's activities are the teamwork, the use of videocamera, the photography, the video editing, the artistic covers, the elaboration of the soundtrack, etc... There are visits of the city, inside and outside the ancient palaces. The teamwork begins at any time of the year at the minimum number of six participants for working group. The ForliCiak project is on sale.

A SOIP Experience: experiential workshops for young people 18-25 y/o

We plan and manage training workshops for young people between 18 and 25 years to test and increase the innovative skills! 
We provide suitable and smart working spaces and continuous training assistance. We could organize the journey, accomodation and assistance for the period of training. We could also involve the young people in the territory of Romagna tasting and carrying away the experience of culture, wellness, way of life . Please contact us for more information and costs (mailto:  



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A SOIP Experience

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